Social media as virtual temple

There are at least 30 million dead people on Facebook right now. Every day, 8,000 Facebook members die. By 2060, there could be more deceased people on Facebook than those who are alive. By then, we may be communicating in completely new ways and social networks might exist only as anachronistic testaments of a bygone technological phase — a digital graveyard of a forgotten past.

Is the Internet our next God?

Promises of anti-globalisation, realities of fiscal revenge

Today’s so-called crisis of globalisation is nothing more than a new variable of the old battle between protectionism and free trade. On the one hand it is the tribalists while on the other it is the globalists. On one side there are the anti-Amazon, pro-retailers, losers of a global challenge, while on the other, there are theContinue reading “Promises of anti-globalisation, realities of fiscal revenge”

‘I hate the internet’ by Carlo Pizzati (from “The Hindu”‘s Literary Review)

Ephemeral, jagged, tailored to the mind of a 15-year-old, is the digital network pushing humanity into cretinism? Writing a good novel about the Internet is almost as difficult as shooting a good film about the effects of drugs. You may try all the available fireworks, and you’ll still fail. Blurred images, out-of-focus edges, tweaked sitarContinue reading “‘I hate the internet’ by Carlo Pizzati (from “The Hindu”‘s Literary Review)”

The revival of deep reading online. by Carlo Pizzati

Nietzsche? Huh. No, wait, the most senior student in the class shyly raises her hand. “German philosopher? 19th century? Nihilists?” Yes, I say, trying to thread on more recent cultural grounds: “Anyone remember the Big Lebowski? ‘We are nihilists, we believe in nothing…’ ?” Empty stares, absolute zero among these millennials. The average age inContinue reading “The revival of deep reading online. by Carlo Pizzati”

“Telling it like it isn’t” – an apologia for Romantic philosophy. by Carlo Pizzati

“The world exists to end up in a book” –     Stephane Mallarmé Journalists lie pretending to tell the truth. Novelists and poets tell the truth pretending to lie. Journalists lie by definition. They are supposed to gather objective facts. It is obviously an impossible mission. There is no such thing as an objective truth,Continue reading ““Telling it like it isn’t” – an apologia for Romantic philosophy. by Carlo Pizzati”

When I feel lonely, I look for a shopping mall. (from a first draft of a creative non-fiction book by Carlo Pizzati)

When I feel  lonely, I look for a shopping mall. There’s one in every big Latin American city. I call a cab and ask the driver to take me to one of those shopping centers you see advertised in giant billboards, the kind with the  happy nuclear family with the Pepsodent smile. “Alto Las Condes”,Continue reading “When I feel lonely, I look for a shopping mall. (from a first draft of a creative non-fiction book by Carlo Pizzati)”

Nihil sub sole novum… all over again. (by Carlo Pizzati)

A new Indian friend made the mistake of asking me this question via email: “I want to ask you about Berlusconi’s expulsion from Parliament. Do you think this could actually be the beginning of the end of his political career or is it another stunt?” I rarely, if ever, comment on politics, although I’ve beenContinue reading “Nihil sub sole novum… all over again. (by Carlo Pizzati)”

How Andrew and I joined the new Psychedelic Renaissance in Hungary. Sort of — by Carlo Pizzati

Originally posted on CARLO PIZZATI:
It was midnight, and we were lost in the woods an hour south of Budapest, when I first thought: this is wrong. Not just the wrong road, but wrong in a deeper sense. If we were going to a trance festival to open our hearts to the universe, why were…

Il filosofo del terrore islamico

Dieci anni fa pubblicai questo testo che analizza la filosofia di Sayyid Qutb, ideologo che ha ispirato Osama bin Laden e Al Qaeda. Dopo aver visto di recente “Zero Dark Thirty”, avere letto della condanna definitiva di tre islamici che pianificavano una serie di attentati in territorio britannico nel 2005 e il recente attentato aContinue reading “Il filosofo del terrore islamico”